Thursday, January 29, 2009

Meiji Fran Patisserie -- Raisin Vanilla

I still say that raisins are one of the most under used candy additive
Lucky for me Meiji has added another option into the oh-so small workd of raison candy. First a shout out to the good folks over at for sending me out this fabo sample.

The Fran Raisin Vanilla is a vanilla is a white chocolate (ok to be fair I am assuming it is white chocolate as the label is entirely in kanji, I had to go off of what I could google) there is just a touch of rum, which you can smell more then taste. It almost has more of a butter taste then it does white chocolate, vanilla or rum. The texture though is just what I love about Meiji chocolate-as smooth and silky as a geisha's komono.

The raisin's seem to be represented by little dried bits embedded into the white chocolate. The texture is weird- the raisins are crunchy! (probably because the bitsd are so small) but they do have a decently grapy taste.

The best part here is the stick!- it's a chocolate biscuit stick. Much like with the White Chocolate Fran it reminded me alot of the 100 calorie Oreo's. If they sell the biscuits on they're own I would buy it!.

These are pretty darned good!

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Jeanna said...

I agree, and think they're a candy in their little wrinkled selves.

Megan said...

That sounds yummy : D