Monday, February 9, 2009

Morinaga Dars Affogato

HMMM chocolate that is supposed to taste like an ice cream sundae!
First a shout out to my friends at JLIST.COM for sending out this bar for me to review.

According to the Jlist site Dars was the first confectionary company in Japan and are still beloved there today. This is actually my first Dars candy so that's probably pretty fitting.

The candy which is seasonal is a vanilla creme enrobbed in milk chocolate.
The chocolate is very waxy and has an almost coffee like taste to it. It does melt pretty smoothly. Because the label is entirely in Japanise I couldn't tell you exactly how much real cocoa butter there is in the candy. It's not very heavy on the dairy notes but you can tell it's not mockolate either.
The vanilla center is cool on the tongue and melts quickly. Again because of the label I can't tell if there is any real vanilla in it- but I can tell you what it tastes like. If you have ever had a vanilla fast food milkshake then you may recal that aftertaste that you get from them. It's vaguly vanilla, sort of dairy like and there is lingering sweetness with no real taste of it's own. That's what the center tastes like.

All in all it's not bad but I wouldn't go on major quests for it like I do for Pocky.

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