Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Fuwarinka Rose Flavored Gum


A special thank you to my friends at J-List for sending me this gum to try. Fuwarinka Rose Flavored gum, as you may have guessed, is indeed a rose flavored gum.

It's full of vitamin C, sugar free, and contains hyaluronic acid -- which is said to help prevent premature aging, and will even make you start to smell like roses. I have no idea how much you are supposed to chew for this to happen, though I have been through two packs and can't say I smell especially rosy.

So, possible interesting side effects aside...how does it taste?


When you first smell the gum, it has almost a musky aroma. So, when you bite into it, you are almost expecting more of a woodsy, herbal taste. Instead, the first bites are basically like rose water squared. Very floral, slightly sweet.

After the gum softens a bit -- the first chews are a little hard, but that changes quickly -- the taste mellows to what can best be called rose jellybean. It gets a bit sweeter and the floral notes are not as strong. And on top of that, there is almost a menthol-like quality. It may sound strange, but it gets addicting fast.

Also impressive is how long the flavor lasts. The makers of this gum could probably teach even the people over at Stride a lesson. I chewed one piece for over two hours, and the flavor remained just as intense as when I first opened it. In fact, if you give the gum a "rest" and don't chew for a few seconds, it seems to recharge the flavor -- it will be just as intense as the first bite and then will settle down to the rose jellybean flavor.

LOVE this gum!

("Hot babe" rating created specially for Jim)

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...


If this gum is comparable to Megan Fox it must be good :O

The Japanese have the most ridiculous amounts of different flavours when it comes to gum .. crazy!

Anonymous said...

I have really wanted to try this gum for a couple years now, but I am afraid to buy it online. I wish I knew someone to ship it to me. I would imagine id to taste, and have the consistency like the Hello Kitty gum sold in the Sanrio store. Really want to know if it makes you smell different. I am big on chewing gum and always see to have gum and different flavors, types, brands, variety...so yeah, I just really want to try this gum even more after reading this.

Gigi Miller said...

B3: I really like the taste of this gum. Do I think it makes you smell different? Honestly I think you probably have to chew some completely insane amount of gum- more then I am willing to do, but I guess it's possible.

I don't know where you are located but Jlist does currently have the gum in stock and they ship around the world so that might be an option for you.

Let me know what you think if you get to try it!

Gigi Miller said...
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