Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Cheetos Giant

Did you ever just sit and stare into the Cheetos selection at the store and wish that there was just a ginormous version available?
I personally never have but someone out there did because Chester Cheetah has granted their wish. I know there is probably a Brittany Spear joke in there but that is too cheap a shot even for me.

So how giant is giant you ask?
That is a picture for scale. It is shaped like a neon orange marshmallow. And unlike marshmallow it is not smooshy and sweet. It is super cheese flavored. It's as if they took the amount of cheese flavor in a regular cheetos and upped it to 11. Actually it reminded me of an old school Planters Cheese Ball more then a Cheeto. By that I mean it's saltier then a normal Cheeto and the cheese flavor is a little more fake, but it's so good in that 'it's bad but it's good' way that you don't care.

The texture is both harder then a regular Cheeto or even a Cheeto Cheese Puff and at the same time the core is almost powdery. I have a small mouth and the downside for me is that they were just too big (stepping away from the double entndre). It was dense enough that biting into it scraped my gums and eating it whole wasn't much easier because it filled my whole mouth almost to the point it was uncomfortable (must refrain...) and for once that was kind of a bad thing (almost made it)

I liked the ides of the Giant Cheeto, I love the extra "cheese" I just don't like the texture as much.

Albertsons Supermarket


Anonymous said...

my gums are so cut up from this damn snack item. i was googling to see if anyone else had the same problem. it's been 4 days and my cheeks still hurt. it's sort of embarassing.

Kaitis said...

Haha! Glad to see we had similar experiences with these, I did a quick take on these on my site.


Unknown said...

Has anyone liked these things?

I am starting to think they are like the S&M version of a Cheeto with out any payoff.

I have had a snack size bag of the Giant Flaming Hot Cheetos since I reviewed this bag and I just can't bring myself to try them.

Anonymous said...

They suck! They are too big/hard to eat. Don't waste your money on these.

Anonymous said...

They are terrible. They are way too hard/big to eat. Don't waste your money.

Unknown said...

Anon x2, Gotta agree these just suck. I have had a small bag of the Flaming Hot version since before I wrote this review and I just can't bring myself to try it.

Brookus said...

So I bought the big bag of the flaming hot big giant ball Cheetos when they came out (because I LOVE the crunchy flaming hot ones...). I instantly regretted it when I ate the first one. SO hard to eat and they tore up my mouth. >.< DON'T BUY THEM!

Diego Juarez said...

Hmm i don't see what everyone is complaining about, the taste reminds me of cheesy checkers (one of the best cheetos ever made). what i will agree on though is that the size is very big, but i have a big mouth so i enjoyed these none the less. i would say these are just a impulse buy.