Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Milk & Cookies Ice Cream

Little-known fact: Gigi drinks several glasses of milk-type product a day (I say milk-type, because I don't drink real milk, but soy or other substitutes). There are various reasons for this, but it's not because I love the taste. Truthfully, I more or less just chug to get it over with.

But I will admit that sometimes -- not always -- but sometimes, I have been known to dunk some cookies into my milk because...well, because cookies are always delicious. And they make something I have to slog through taste better. And we all know I love Cookies and Cream ice cream.

Earlier in the year Ben & Jerry's introduced a new flavor called Milk & Cookies. Instead of being just a vanilla ice cream with chocolate sandwich cookies, this version is vanilla ice cream with a chocolate cookie swirl and pieces of "chocolatey" chip and chocolate chocolate chip cookies. Now to be perfectly honest, I first sampled this flavor on my trip to Ben & Jerry's. It was the flavor they were sampling at the end of the tour (read all about it here), so I already knew going in that I liked this flavor.

The base is the classic Ben & Jerry's vanilla that you know and expect from all the other vanilla-based flavors they make -- including, of course, plain vanilla.

The cookie swirl is a nice crumby trail of chocolate sandwich cookies. It adds an interesting texture to the ice cream. Because this flavor is so packed with cookies, the texture is never 100% smooth, but it's not gritty either. It's just like that last sip of the milk that you've been dunking cookies into -- full of soft crumbs.

Let's be honest: the chocolate chocolate chips cookies aren't a terribly new addition, because all cookies and cream flavors use chocolate cookies...but they do taste good!

It's the "chocolatey" chip cookies that add the extra umph (think traditional chocolate chip cookies). If you have ever had a chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich, you know how good it can be. (And if you haven't, you need to.) The combination of the traditional chocolate (ahem, "chocolatey," excuse me) cookies along with the chocolate chocolate chip is's almost like seeing a unicorn, it's that good.

Now, I do have to bemoan the use of "chocolatey" chip cookies in place of real chocolate chip cookies. I will grant that there is so much flavor going on here that you really can't tell there's mockolate in use. But I am going to state once again that I still prefer the use of real chocolate over the use of "chocolatey" or "fudgey" add-ins. I am just picky like that.

I have to go step off my soap box now and go get another bowl...

But while I am doing that, be sure to check out Dubba's review over at On Second Scoop.

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270 calories per half cup.


Kosher, Fair Trade.


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