Sunday, May 23, 2010

King Leo Soft Lemon Puffs

I think that it wouldn't take much to make me like any food with the word "puffs" in it. If just for cheesy puffs alone, the word Puff=Good in my mind. Toss in the word "lemon" and you practically have to pull me off of it like a Jersey Shore kid from a tanning bed.

This candy pretty much lived up to my expectations. Each puff is about the size of a large gumball. The flavor, truthfully, is on the fake lemon side -- but in a good way. It has a sweet lemonade flavor to it.

The texture is interesting. For some reason when I read "soft," I thought the texture might be sort of like a butter mint: almost creamy and smooth, sort of like a wet cereal marshmallow. But that's not what this is like. It's not smooth like, say, a hard candy. But at the same time is not as crumbly and chalky as a dextrose candy (like Sweetarts or Smarties), at least not at first. Once you have let the candy melt in your mouth a little, it will start to honeycomb and break off into little pebbles. The texture becomes quite addictive.

Bottom line? This was a tasty little candy!


Sample from company


60 calories per 3 pieces/puffs.



Kelly said...

mmmm, I think I'm more interested in Detective Stabler. :]

Unknown said...

He is pretty yummy!