Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Krispy Kreme: Lemon Cake Doughnut

I don't make it to Krispy Kreme all that often. This is mostly because the nearest location to me is not that close -- and secondly, because I sort of like fitting through doorways without having to butter my hips first. But as part of my genius plan to trick my best friend Mr. X into renting me a Gerard Butler movie, I had to pony up something to make sitting through it worthwhile for him. So, off to Krispy Kreme I went. (Incidentally, Mr. X totally got the better end of this deal. He got free Krispy Kremes, and I lost two hours of my life sitting through a truly excruciating movie.)

If product developers out there have learned anything from reading this blog, it is that if you put the word "Lemon" in front of a product, I will try it. In fact, I will probably go out of my way to try it. And when I saw the promo posters for Krispy Kreme's new Lemon Cake doughnut, I knew exactly what I was going to get for myself.

I was good and only got one...and one is pretty much all the Krispy Kreme I can take at a time anyway. Oh, it's not that they aren't great -- but they are so sweet it's all I can take before my blood sugar soars to the point that you could use it to preserve fruit slices.

The Lemon Cake doughnut is a cake doughnut (well, duh!) that is coated lightly in what looks like a simple sugar glaze, and is then drizzled with a sunny yellow lemon zigzag.

So did this doughnut at least turn out better than the Gerard Butler movie?

Looking at the doughnut, it looks an awful lot like the traditional Krispy Kreme glazed -- although the bottom does look sorta cake-like.

It is intensely sweet, but I was expecting that. The problem is that the lemon flavor -- in both the swirlies on top and in the doughnut itself -- is really, really fake. And not even in that perversely tasty way that fake lemon can sometimes be. It was like some generic supermarket brand lemon-flavored cereal mixed with corn syrup. The cake was also greasy and dense (personally, I think Krispy Kreme's biggest strength is they're classic glazed, fresh and hot off the line...but in this case, that didn't matter). I really can't say anything kind about this doughnut. In fact, I couldn't finish it; two bites was all I could stand, and even that was a challenge of willpower. It was a disaster from every possible perspective.

The worst part is that I honestly can't tell you which was worse -- the movie or the doughnut. No, wait, I take that back...the doughnut was definitely worse. Because at least the movie had eye candy.


Krispy Kreme


Ummm...I may have bought an assorted dozen, which retailed for $7.99. Maybe. Just shut up and don't judge me.



brontozaurel said...

if you put the word "Lemon" in front of a product, I will try it <- I'm just the same :))

Michael and Natalie said...

I have to say I'm very, very glad you got the dozen so at least you go to eat some other delicious donuts.

Jim said...

Wow I've never had a Krispy Kreme .... I will make sure my first experience with one isn't this lemon one!! Are there any you really recommend.

Gigi said...

Bronto: Lemon is just the best isn't it?

Natalie: I may have also had one of the classic glazed. (ok I may have had 2!)

Jim: If it is at all possible make your KK one of the classic glazed- warm. That one donut is the single best thing they make (and they in fact have many very good flavors). When they are fresh and warm they are incredibly flaky and soft (the texture is sort of like a croissant). They are also very, very sweet but as a special treat they are great.