Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Archway Iced Oatmeal Cookies

It's not often that I have oatmeal cookies. I have to be honest about that; it is mostly because I am not the universe's biggest oatmeal fan. I don't like it as a breakfast food. I don't care how many flavors they toss on it, it's still a gluey, gray blob better suited for window caulking than for eating. I don't like it even in "dry" breakfast cereals.

But I think if there is any device that has the chance to make anything else taste good, it is the cookie. Well, OK, maybe not liver. I don't think even a cookie version could make liver good. My point is that even though I don't like oatmeal, I want to like oatmeal cookies because...well, because they're cookies.

So how did I like Archway Iced Oatmeal Cookies? Let's find out.

Each cookie is cute disk about the diameter of an Oreo. The surface layer of icing is pretty generous. And the cookies are the crunchy type rather than the soft type.

Probably because of said icing, the initial flavor reminded me a lot of cereal marshmallows. As I have a long and highly documented love of cereal marshmallows, I personally consider this to be a very good thing. I liked that the icing added sweetness, but it didn't make the cookies overly sugary.

The cookie itself has a very oaty (shocking, right?), grainy taste. It actually reminded me a lot of the McVitie's Mini Hobnobs that I loved.

Because of the combo of the Hobnob/marshmallow flavors, I ended up really liking these cookies -- even if oatmeal would normally be the last type of cookies that I reach for. Mr. X (my best friend), however, is an oatmeal cookie lover, although he prefers his without icing. I was nice enough to share some cookies with him, and he said they were good enough that he would buy his own bag. And that is a big mark in these cookies' favor, as he does not as a rule buy junk food.

What can I say? I'd buy a bag of these, too.


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