Tuesday, June 8, 2010

McVitie's Mini Hobnobs

Once again, a round of thanks to Cinnabar of Food Stuff Finds for sending me goodies from across the sea.

Hobnobs -- or in this case, Mini Hobnobs (and as everyone knows, almost everything is cuter when done in a mini version) -- are a beloved U.K. treat. Hobnobs are a digestive biscuit that is enrobed in milk chocolate.

The biscuit (or cookie, to those of us on this side of the pond) is a hard, oat-based cake. Each Mini Hobnob is about the diameter of a U.S. half dollar coin. I dunno, something about them just makes me feel like I should be watching a Hugh Grant movie (I am thinking "About a Boy").

So how do they taste? Pretty darn addictive is how! The milk chocolate layer sits on top of the biscuit. It's very smooth and cool on the tongue. It's creamy and sweet, but it manages not to get too sweet.

The biscuit itself reminded me of a cross between a graham cracker and an oatmeal cookie. It's crunchy, yet airy...and I said it before, addictive!

I really love these! They are very simple, and that's what largely what makes them so good. Oats and chocolate -- and that's it. And it's a combination that works brilliantly.


Gift from Cinabar of Food Stuff Finds


194 calories per snack pack.


Contains milk, soy, and gluten. May contain nuts.



Nivaya Barbosa said...

HobNobs aren't technically Digestives. They're HobNobs. :D <3

Gigi said...

Navaya: It is hard to keep track of what brit cookies/biscuits are or aren't!

Maybe if I am lucky Jim will chime in with some sort of guide (hint, hint)

In any case they were GOOOOOOD!