Monday, June 14, 2010

Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies

Minus cookies that I may have on hand to review, cookies are seldom kept in my house. There's no real reason for this, aside from the fact that when I snack for non-review purposes the choices are usually kind of boring or repetitive. Much like a little kid, I will get on a kick for something, and that may be my only snack for weeks. (At the moment I am obsessed with frozen pineapple juice bars.)

But way, way, waaaaaayyyy back in the dark and ancient days before I had this blog, one of the things I liked to do on the night before my day off was to pick up a box of these Frosty Lemon cookies and play The Sims. (We're talking the first version here, people. Gawd, I am dating myself.) But at some point between then and now, I moved to an area that didn't seem to carry the Archway brand. And then for a short while, Archway cookies were off the shelf entirely. (There is a long story, but the company that then owned both Archway and Mother's brand cookies went under. Archway has since been bought out and restored to shelves by its new owner, Lance -- and I have since moved back to Southern California.)

So after many a long year, I finally have a package of Archway Frosty Lemon Cookies in my hands. Are they as good as I remember them to be? I can't wait to find out.

Each cookie is about the diameter of a large coaster. They are soft in texture and a sunny, pale yellow in color. There is a thin glaze of frosting on the top.

I love it when good things end up being exactly as you remembered them! The bite is soft and cakelike. The flavor is bright, mellow lemon that is neither too sweet or too tart. The frosting adds a little sugary pop. Basically, it is the perfect lemon cookie.

I love these cookies so much I did something I normally do not do: I have refused to share them with anyone. MINE MINE MINE, ALLLLL MIIIIINNNE!!!

Now if you will excuse me, I am going to put myself into time-out and grab a nap with my blankie.


Sample from company


110 calories per cookie.


Contains wheat, eggs, milk, and soy.



govtdrone said...

You evil, evil person. I love these cookies and because of your review I am now going to have to go buy some. Mmmmm, lemony goodness.

Amy said...

I love anything lemon - thanks for the review, I'm going to have to find some of these!

Gigi said...

Govtdrone: My work here is done! MUHAHAHAAAHA (you know typing an evil cackle is not as satisfying as actually letting one out)

These may just be the very best lemon cookie on the market. Well worth hunting down!