Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Snickerdoodle Cookie Ice Cream: Limited Batch

Snickerdoodles are one of those cookies that people seem to either love or hate. I am in the love crowd, and I do mean love. If you have never had one still warm and fresh from the oven, with the aroma of heated cinnamon Eskimo-kissing your nose, then it is quite possible you have not fully lived.

Ben & Jerry's latest limited edition flavor is the autumn-friendly Snickerdoodle Cookie. It is a butter and cinnamon flavored ice cream base with chunks of -- you guessed it -- snickerdoodle cookies.

I think the choice of a butter flavored base was interesting. I have always like the butter flavored part of butter pecan ice creams. I am just not a fan of the actual pecans, even though I like pecans otherwise. (In one of the quirks that makes Gigi, as much as I like nuts by themselves, I hate nuts in ice cream.) So I was looking forward to enjoying the butter flavor without having to worry about avoiding nuts.

But how did it taste? Well, the butter is more like essence of butter. Don't expect the full-on rich, almost salty flavor that you would get from, say, a butter pecan ice cream. This is more subtle and creamy. And in addition to the cinnamon, there also seems to be a hint of nutmeg. It actually reminded me a lot of a less custardy egg nog flavor. Truly delicious by itself.

Aaaah, but it's not by itself. No indeed, it is chock full of hunks (because "chunks" does not convey how large some of the pieces of cookies are) of snickerdoodle cookies. The cookies are full of cinnamon and brown sugar. They crumble up just a little and add a small hit of salt that brings all other the flavors out a little more.

This is truly one of the best flavors ever to come out of Vermont -- and I do not say that lightly. In fact, I beg those good people in Vermont to just forget the whole "Limited Batch" thing and add it the core line. This was truly amazing.

Be sure to check out Rodzilla's review here. I liked it a little more than he did...but that just means more for me!


Albertsons Supermarket




230 calories per 1/2 cup.



Anonymous said...

Ben and Jerry does ice cream the right almost 9 times out of 10. BTW, I am also a huge snickerdoodle fan...whoever came up that name however was a strange one

Rodzilla said...

Thanks for the link Gigi. Yeah, I wasn't feeling this one as much. Would you place this one over cinnamon buns?

tanya said...

it reminded me of Oatmeal Cookie Chunk sans fudge chunks and less cinnamon-y. i thought it was just okay... not much flavor.

Gigi said...

Foodexercise: I must say I agree with you. This years flavors were almost all home runs. I have STILL managed to not keep a pint of Dulce Delish around long enough to review but I LOOOOVE it.

As for the name, according to Wiki one of the possible explanations for the name is that it was an Americanized version of a German word. Not sure how true that is, but it sounds possible.

Rodzilla: Your welcome!
Hm Tough call- I really liked the cinnamon but, but I think I do like this flavor just a teeny bit more.

Tanya: Believe it or not that is one of the few flavors I have not tasted. I just don't like oatmeal cookies all that much and every time I have almost gotten it I have talked myself out of it.