Thursday, September 2, 2010

Trader Joe's Manitaropita

Dear People of Greece: Thank you so much for continuing to create delicious dishes that consist of phyllo dough filled with amazingly good stuff.

I was kind of surprised when I realized that I hadn't reviewed these yet. I have loved the Trader Joe's manitaropita for years, and they are one of my TJ's staples, but somehow they flew under the review radar until now. And we all know how much I like appetizers or finger foods as dinner, so I figured it was high time I wrote about this.

The easiest way to explain what manitaropita is might be to tell you to think of spanakopita...except rather than the puff pastry being filled with spinach and feta cheese, it's filled with mushrooms in a white wine sauce.

Trader Joe's manitaropita needs to be baked in the oven. The package specifically says not to microwave them -- and having done that out of laziness once, I can tell you that the package's admonition is a wise one.

No worries, though, because baking them is as simple as it sounds. Just pre-heat the oven and then toss them in. They only take about 10 minutes to bake. The phyllo dough (and really, does it take much more then phyllo dough to make something good?) rises to golden, flaky happiness. The many paper-thin layers add a nice crunch and interesting texture.

Trader Joe is generous with the mushroom filling -- which is a good thing, as the filling is excellent. The mushrooms are remarkably non-rubbery and have a rich, almost beefy taste.

The mushrooms are done in a white wine sauce. The sauce itself actually has a delicate, lightly herbed taste. If I had to pick out a single spice that stands out, I would have to say it's oregano. Just think of it! Mushrooms, white wine, oregano...all stewed together and encased in flaky phyllo...if the very notion doesn't bring a smile to your face, don't complain to me: complain to a doctor!

This is truly one of my favorite Trader Joe's products. It's satisfying as a meal on its own, and I would also be very pleased to serve them to company as an appetizer.


Trader Joe's




80 calories per piece.


Made on equipment shared with eggs and tree nuts, at a facility that processes peanuts, fish and shellfish.



Cybele said...

Love, love, love these.

Gigi said...

Cybele: They are addictive aren't they?!

*M* said...

This is funny, when I read the title I was like WTF! I read manitaropita as two separate words which in spanish would be little hand little clothes.

Rodzilla said...

Damnit, I was at TJs yesterday and didn't even know to look for these.

Cristiane said...

I'll be going to Trader Joe's next week. Guess what I'll be getting?

Annette said...

OMG I have never eaten anything like this but now I want to!!!!

Gigi said...

Rod, Cristiane and Net:
Once you all taste them I want to know what you think.

I LOOOOVE them. They are just so good.

M: That's funny!

Alec said...

Okay, I must ask... who is the lovely man in your rating image? He looks rather yummy too.

Gigi said...

Alec: That man is yummy! and a bona fide Greek God! his name is Alexis Georgoulis. He was the male lead in My Life in Ruins.

Sadly, at least according to IMDB that seems to be his only non-greek credit. That man really needs to start showing up on our screens more!

Rylan White said...

OMFG they need to bring these back, you can't buy them anymore in California anyway. It's a disgrace. I think fat fascists got to them. Long live this post as google #1 result for this most delicious appetizer.