Monday, January 17, 2011

CREAM: Alcohol Infused Whipped Cream Caramel Flavor

First of all, my apologies for the lack of pictures. I am not at home right now, and somehow between picture taking, editing, emailing back and forth etc., they all seem to have disappeared down the ravenous gullet of the Great Picture Monster. Again, I apologize. I will back be home within the next several days, where everything will at least be under the same roof, and hopefully this won't ever happen again.

Anyway, I am writing from what is still the frozen tundra that the fair city of Atlanta has lately become. I know my Northeastern friends and my Canadian friends are probably laughing themselves purple over the idea that six inches of snow and a ton of ice shut down the entire city for days (and here in the 'burbs we aren't out of it yet)...but all this time stuck indoors means that I have lots of extra time to do things like, ummmm...perfecting my Wii Super Mario (which actually just involves a lot of swearing), and doing some updates to my computer (which involved a lot of swearing when my browser deleted all of my bookmarks), and then there's the fact that while being stuck inside with a reasonable amount of alcohol I can't drink any of (health issues -- and yeah, more swearing).

But before Snowpocalypse 2011, we had Christmas 2010. And as the house bartender (regardless of if I can drink it or not), I got to make cocktails for the grownups. One of them is a Gingerbread Martini that I normally garnish with a little dollop of whipped cream. While we were at the liquor store my mother spotted Cream -- alcohol infused whipped cream -- and had to have it. And I have to admit it was a pretty interesting idea, so I wanted to try it myself.

Cream makes several flavors, but all our store had was caramel. It comes in your standard issue aerosol whipped cream can and is meant to be kept unrefrigerated. Also, like every other canned whipped cream, it squirts out the top (well, actually you are supposed to hold the can upside down to dispense).

In terms of looks and texture, if you have ever had canned whipped cream...well, again, it's all kinda the same. Although in terms of richness, I would say that it reminded me more of a reduced fat whipped cream than the full fat stuff.

Taste: Okay, so no one tell on me please! I "cheated" and had some (well duh, how else would I be writing this). I have to say upfront that it tastes far better when it is used as part of a drink than it does on its own. I can think of about 30 different shots with names worthy of a Girls Gone Wild video (Do they even still make those? Have all the girls aged out of being wild and moved into being bloated in front of the TV?) that I am sure this whipped cream is being used for -- and it probably works pretty well for that. Hell, it worked well enough on my Gingerbread Martini.

On its own the caramel smell was really good. It smelled like the sweetener put you into coffee drinks type rather than the darker, richer kind. In terms of, it tasted more like those cheap caramel flavored coffee syrups, with a strong generic alcohol push (although it's only 15% alcohol by volume). Again, both of these traits are not as noticeable when mixed with other booze, but personally I would never just snack on it by itself. That said, I love the concept and I would love to try the chocolate and the vanilla flavors.

Oh, and if you want my Gingerbread Martini recipe, here you go:
In an ice-filled martini shaker mix together:

1 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. Baileys/Irish Creme
1/2 oz. Kahlua/Coffee Liquor

Shake well and strain into the waiting rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a little dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkling of nutmeg (or cinnamon if you prefer).

This will make a two ounce martini. You can do it in larger amounts of alcohol (going to 1 full ounce of each mixer -- but because this is so sweet, it is super easy to down too much too soon, so I recommend going easy) or you could also mix in an extra ounce of half & half for a larger drink without the extra alcohol; although the flavor will be a little diluted this way. Have your martini glasses rimmed in the crushed hard ginger cookie of your choice (grind it reasonably fine -- bigger chunks don't rim as well).
So yeah....if you happen to see this, try it. Don't go out of your way, though.


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No dietary or allergy information available on either the package or the official website, although the official serving size is listed as 1 ounce.

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