Saturday, November 13, 2010

Too Haute Cowgirls: The Good, the Bad, and the Peanut Butter Popcorn


Edited on 11/13/10 to add:
This is actually a re-run review of sorts. My original photo's were what could best be described as "melty" looking thanks to the shipping company. The kindly little ladies of Too Haute Cowgirls were nice enough to send along new samples so thanks to them I was able to redo the photo's and give this popcorn the food porn justice it deserves!

The rootin' tootin' ladies of Too Haute Cowgirls have certainly been making quite the impression on me. They have a caramel popcorn base that is to die for, and they have many, many different versions and toppings that they have piled on.

Today's cluster is The Good, the Bad and the Peanut Butter. Which is caramel corn drizzled with white chocolate and peanut butter. Also tossed into the mix are peanuts, cashews, pretzels, and sea salt flakes.

Now, I go into this eager yet scared: I love everything on that list except for white chocolate. And sadly, white chocolate is going to play a major role here. With that admission of bias up front, let's give her a try:


The peanut butter is the first thing you taste. It has that sweeter peanutty taste that seems more common in peanut butter flavored items than in actual peanut butter itself. Think less roasted nuts and more sugary. Kinda like peanut butter flavored cereal. I may not like that taste in a sandwich, but it works really well with the caramel corn.

The sea salt makes both the caramel and the peanut butter pop.

The white chocolate just adds a little extra vanilla-like sweetness. There's a lot of it, but to my delight it didn't make the popcorn oily or distract from the other ingredients. It also adds a little smooth melt.

The nuts are plentiful and very crisp.

I just wish there had been more pretzels! They tasted great along with the caramel corn and the peanut butter. And like the nuts, they were very crispy.

I can't say enough about the caramel corn. Even if they'd packaged plain caramel corn on its own, it would still be good. The caramel is milky and salty. The corn itself is plump and crunchy.

Even as a non-fan of white chocolate I really liked this flavor!


Sample from company

Contains nuts.



p_girl24 said...

Hi gigi this post came in perfect timing since i'm looking for indulgent gifts like this for the holiday. I did a search for 'best' this and that every vendor claims to be so i don't know who to trust. Do you have any other recommendations on good popcorn and nut mixes? Send me an email! Thanks

Gigi said...

P_Girl: Having tried the entire Cowgirls line (more reviews are coming) like I said in response to another comment ], I honestly think the Cowgirls line is the absolute best popcorn mixes out there.

You can check out their website that is linked at the bottom of the review- they have several more mixes and even a trail mix. My personal favorite out of everything is the Fluer de Sel Popcorn
I refused to share my last bag.

If I had to pick a second choice the Harry & David's Moose Munch- which comes in either traditional popcorn mixed bags or in a candy bar. They offer the choice between milk and dark chocolate. The dark chocolate is really more of a deep milk chocolate and is the better of the two.

Moose Munch is good but if it were up to me it would be Cowgirls all the way.