Thursday, November 11, 2010

Too Haute Cowgirls: Chili Con Chocolate Popcorn


Edited on 11/11/10 to add:
This is actually a re-run review of sorts. My original photo's were what could best be described as "melty" looking thanks to the shipping company. The kindly little ladies of Too Haute Cowgirls were nice enough to send along new samples so thanks to them I was able to redo the photo's and give this popcorn the food porn justice it deserves!

I have to admit that as soon as I hear or see the words "Chili Con" anything, I immediately think of my favorite episode of South Park, Scott Tenorman Must Die, in which Cartman invites his arch nemesis (for that episode, at least) to a "Chili Con Carnival" that has a rather disturbing, but classic Cartman ending.

Given the episode's outcome, I should maybe be more wary than I am of trying anything marked "Chili Con (insert random food)." But we all know I am a little twisted myself, so in reality it only made the product seem more awesome to me.


Too Haute Cowgirls' Chili Con Chocolate is made up of caramel coated popcorn that's been covered in dark chocolate, mixed with pecans, and then everything is covered in a special chili coating. And I think we all know once you put the words "chili" and "chocolate" together, I am there.

So, we know I love the idea of this popcorn...but did I love the popcorn itself?

It's definitely an unusual mix. First, I have to give Too Haute Cowgirls props: this popcorn actually does pack some serious heat. I am frequently disappointed by the lack of heat in supposedly "hot" products. But this one really does bring it.

Just as with their Fluer de Sel Popcorn, the actual corn itself is light and fluffy. The caramel is sweet and buttery. The chocolate coating is thick enough to completely enrobe the popcorn, but not so thick that it forms a hard crust (which is good).


The nuts are whole pecans, and they were crunchy and fresh. They are also covered in chocolate, but are caramel free.

The spice blend that covers everything does indeed bring the heat it promises to the table. I am not sure what is in the chili blend, but for the most part it really compliments the popcorn, the caramel, the chocolate and the nuts. The only thing that sort of got me is that some bites seemed to have a lot of cumin flavor to them (I don't know for sure that the mix actually contains cumin, but most chili blends do). I didn't care for the cumin taste with the chocolate and the caramel. But I loved the pieces that were all chocolate and heat.

This is an interesting mix that's well worth rustlin' up.


Sample from company


Sample from company


Contains nuts.



Jim said...

That episode of South Park was the last thing that made me cry of laughter. Absolutely amazing wasn't it :D

Gigi said...

That was one of the best episodes ever.
Should episode 201 ever see the light of day again you MUST see it. Granted the last ten minutes in the version that I saw were pretty much completely bleeped out, what is there is pure gold.

Anonymous said...

that south park episode had the best ending ever! so satisfying.

this popcorn also looks pretty satisfying... at least very interesting. it'd beat the hell out of those giant popcorn tins i know i'm going to wind up with this christmas.

Gigi said...

Tampa: That is still the best episode ever - but the Coon & Friends Trilogy is a close second.

As for the popcorn, having tried the entire Cowgirls line at this point (reviews to come) I can honestly say I have never had better prepackaged popcorn. My favorite is still the Fluer de Sel Popcorn

I actually refused to share my last bag!