Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Ben and Jerry's Creme Brulee

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Creme Brulee is one of my all time favorite desserts so of course I would love an ice cream version.

And I would like to remind everyone that Haagen Dazs did indeed have a creme brulee flavor a few years ago that was to die for. With that in mind old Ben and Jerry had a big spoon to fill.

The base flavor is supposed to be a sweet custard. I happen to be one of five people left in the world that LOOOVES frozen custard so I was looking forward to that part of the ice cream the most... and I will have to keep looking.
It's not that the custard is bad. The mouth feel is rich and creamy and it does have a strong caramel aroma. No, the problem is not that it tastes bad- it just doesn't taste like anything. It's the weirdest thing! Anyone who has had a McDonalds sundae or McFlurry knows what I am talking about. Your mouth feels cold, you have the rich, thick melt on your tongue that you expect from premium ice cream. There is just no taste what's so ever.

What they did pull off is the burnt sugar swirl. The Haagen Dazs version was a soft ribbon of burnt sugar. The Ben & Jerry's version is bits of the hard caramelized sugar topping a brulee would have on it crushed in. All I can say is that it is probably a good thing that I can't get the Haagen Dazs base with the Ben & Jerry's swirl- I kinda like being able to fit through doors.

Try it for the sugar swirl alone.

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