Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dagoba Roseberry Bar

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I had never tried Dagoba chocolate in any form prior to buying this bar. I had seen it before but passed it up fearing the organic chocolate would probably disappoint me. What caught my eye with this bar was the flavor. Roseberry is a dark chocolate bar with raspberries and rosehips. It was the rosehips that intrigued me.

Rose flavoring is a pretty big part of Persian desserts and I have something of a love/hate relationship with it. If it is not used with a heavy hand it adds a sweet almost honey like flavor, however at it's worse it is like eating perfume. I had never had rose paired with chocolate so I picked up the bar.

The bar is a solid 2 oz's of glossy dark chocolate and is portioned into small fingers Ala mini Kit Kat's. If you give the bar a good sniff you can just barely smell the rosehips.
The first taste that get is the rosehips, actually taste is not the best way to describe it. You smell it more then taste it once in your mouth and that quickly fades into a rich and creamy dark chocolate. There are small pockets of raspberry throughout the finger. The raspberry tastes like a good ripe summer berry and you get the added texture of the seeds. Both the rosehips and the raspberry are subtle but just strong enough to compliment each other and the chocolate.

This is the best high end bar I have had this year. Thinking about it did I really think a company named after where Yoda lived could let me down? (Yes!, I realize that is most likely NOT how the company got it's name- I just don't care) Now I have got to try they're other bars!

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