Sunday, July 8, 2007

Russell Stover German Black Forrest Truffle

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I came across these at Target and had to give them a try.

Black Forrest cake has always been one of my favorites. What's not to love? rich dark chocolate, tart cherry and sweet cream. HMMMMMM

Russell Stover chocolate?, well not so much. I never go out of my way to buy them. It's not that they are bad so much as they are just there. HOWEVER these truffles may be the best candy they have ever done.

It's a thin semi-sweet square that has a light layer of milk chocolate. A dark chocolate truffle center and just a hint of cherry. The square does manage to taste like a good slice of cake would.

What's not so great about it- although I am willing to over look it for the taste is the lack of "snap" if you break the square it basically bends and crumbles rather then giving a satisfying snap. And the lack of melt. The chocolate doesn't so much dissolve or melt in a creamy, rich, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory-type river down your throat as it simply disappears.

Give it a try... or don't more for me!

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