Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding

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I have always eyed the tubs of Kozy Shack pudding that share a case with my beloved Jello brand with suspension

When I really like something I tend to be very brand loyal and pre-made pudding is one of those products that are either pretty good or pretty vile. And there is no nice way to say this but with the exception of Swiss Miss products (and not even all of those) non Jello brand pre-made pudding tends to be merely bad on a good day.
Yesterday at the Mega Mart my mother was browsing the pudding section and going on about how great Kozy Shack pudding is. I decided that maybe this once Mother did in fact know best and a tub of Kozy chocolate pudding made it into the basket.

What I should have remembered is that when it comes to food I should never listen to my Mother.

I knew I was not in for a good ride when I opened the tub to portion out a couple of spoonfuls. I gave it a good stir and unhappily noted that to serve the pudding it would be more like pouring then scooping.
One of the things I like about Jello pudding is the thickness. You can hold a spoonful of jello pudding upside down and if it is properly chilled (as I prefer it) the pudding will stick to the spoon. The Kozy Shack is runnier and thiner. Watery is actually the first word that came to mind.

The texture:
Like I am sure you are expecting by now was also on the lame side. It does have a cool, smooth mouth feel but there is no creamy richness, no weight. It's kinda like the bastard step-brother of chocolate milk and a good chocolate milk shake. Not thin enough to be chocolate milk, not thick enough to be a milk shake. Instead it just puddles on the spoon. Like a horny teenager on a bad date you know it is going to go straight to your hips without the illusion of doing anything for you, but you humor it anyway in the hopes it will prove you wrong.

The taste:
Well it's chocolate... No, seriously the flavor is not bad. Kozy Shack uses Dutch Chocolate and it does have a deep, rich cocoa taste. The addition of cinnamon and a pinch of cayenne would probably make it down right tasty. If it had some decent body this pudding might surpass Jello. But alas...

Overall it could have been a lot worse but I am still sticking to Jello.

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