Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Smuckers Uncrustables Peanut Butter with Honey

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My peanut butter addiction strikes again!

I like the Uncrustables line. My only complaint with the original two flavors, which were the Grape and Strawberry PB/J offerings had been that there was just too much jelly.
I am a peanut butter purist for the most part and I prefer my peanut butter jelly free and on the softest white bread possible. Uncrustables were never as good as the sandwiches I made myself but they were (and still are) the best way to bring peanut butter to work.

My local Mega Mart finally got int the PB/Honey version. My only reserves about them had been that they are a white bread pocket (don't get me wrong I love white bread but not with my peanut butter) and I was worried the honey would be in the same mega portions as the regular jelly. Lucky for me my concerns were unwarranted.

The bread, while wheat in appearance tastes and feels exactly like my cheap, soft white bread of choice(I WONDER what that could be...) The honey is interesting. I was expecting the type of honey that globs so easily out of my little plastic bears head. The honey in the Uncrustables texture wise is more like jelly. Actually if you are a marmalade fan it is the exact texture (and color) as the marmalade goo that holds all of the orange rind together.
Flavor-wise. The honey-type goo has only the tiniest hint of actual honey flavor- but in this case it works.

A great little snack for bringing to work/school etc- it can sit thawed in the package for 6 to 8 hours!

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