Thursday, September 27, 2007

Flaming Hot Cheetos

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These have been around for awhile but somehow I had never gotten around to trying them.

All I have to say is what the hell took me so long?! No, these are not the hottest thing I have ever eaten. I am somewhat famous (in my own mind) for being able to eat Daves Insanity Sauce right from the bottle Anyway, as I was saying it's not that the Cheetos are all that hot but they do have a good flavor.
The best way to describe the taste is to have you imagine what Tabasco sauce would taste like if it was both crunchy and salty.
All this needs is a nice cold beer to go with it.


Cybele said...

I tried these for the first time yesterday. I wanted CheezIts from the vending machine but after I put my money in it refused to give them to me or give me my money back.

So I opted for some Flaming Hot Cheetos.

They're okay ... I like the spice, but I don't like all the colorings in them. Do I have to go to my afternoon meeting with a ridiculous red tongue!

Anonymous said...

i love these! they are great. and ADDICTING!:D
but the red bothers me

Gigi said...

Anon, I LOVE these. For non-review purposes I don't eat a lot of snacks like these but when I do this is always my first choice.

I could live without all the coloring too, but sacrifices most be made lol.