Thursday, October 4, 2007

Caramelized Pear & Toasted Pecan Haagen Dazs

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I love the thought of this flavor. It just sounds so decadent yet refreshing.

Caramelized Pear & Toasted Pecan is supposed to have a base of pear flavored ice cream studded with chunks of Caramel covered pears and pieces or toasted pecans.

Like all Haagen Dazs the ice cream it's self is rich and creamy. The base flavor is supposed to be pear (you know like I already told you). I say "supposed to be" because it actually ends up tasting more like apple sauce ice cream. In it's own way apple sauce ice cream is not all that bad, I just wasn't expecting it.

The Caramel covered chunks of pears. Now those were interesting. I loved the caramel coating. It was just thick enough to add some depth but not thick enough that it was sticky or ran off into the ice cream- which could have been great. The pear themselves were weird. It was kinda like a chunk of caramel covered paper. I have to wonder If the R&D department of Haagen Dazs has ever actually tasted a pear because they are 0 for 2 so far.

The nuts. If they had had some crunch left in them they would have been good. They are lightly salted- which is outstanding with the caramel. The nuts in my pint however were rubbery and that just killed it. Of course on that count I could have just gotten a pint that had been on the shelf a little long.

If they tweaked the pear issues and the nuts were crunchy this would be a damn good ice cream. As it is it's not bad but there are better ways to consume empty calories.

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