Friday, October 5, 2007

Trader Joes Figments

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Large bits of figs covered in dark chocolate!

MMMMM Figs...
WAAAAAAAY back in the olden early 1980's when Gigi was but a wee little lass her Grandfather has a fig tree in his back yard. Grandpa would share his ripe figs with me. OK it was less sharing and more like I would sneak them from his plate. At any rate the long story short is that I was the only kid in the state of Arizona who liked figs.

Moving on. As a fig lover since 'back in the day' I have always been somewhat disappointed that save for Fig Newtons there are not a heck of a lot of fig snacks out there. Trolling the candy selection at Trader Joe's guess what I found!

Since the title of this review is "Trader Joe's Figments" you probably have guessed it was the Figments I found.

The figments are glossy orbs roughly the size of a Whopper. It is labeled as being made with dark chocolate but personally I think semi-sweet is a better description. Taste-wise it is like a higher quality Toll House Morsel. The chocolate is smooth and cool on the tongue. It starts off waxy but once you are through the first layer it melts quickly (but in this case that's good)
The fig piece is chewy and still moist. The figs also still have they're seeds.

What a combination! the bitter-sweet notes of the chocolate, the gritty chew of the fig. The only downside is that they are addicting!

If you like chocolate covered fruits like raison's, cherries or blueberries you should love these.

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Jim's Chocolate Mission said...

Have you tried Trader Joe's Covered Espresso beans they are delightful!