Thursday, October 25, 2007

Hersheys Kisses Limited Edition- Candy Corn

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Well the Kisses are cute...

Once you open the wrapper they are layered in three colors just like real candy corn. And that's about the best thing about them.

There is no actual chocolate in the kisses, it's not even white chocolate. It's just flavored sugar. They are supposed to taste like candy corn (well duh!) I didn't get that at all. What they reminded me of is the malted milk center of a Whopper. The melt is a bit gritty but even.

It's OK. Too sweet for my tastes but I would love to use them to decorate cookies/cakes.

They are exclusive to Target if you just have to have some.

Check out Cybele's review over at her site CandyBlog for her thoughts and a really nice picture of a sliced kiss.

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