Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lindt Petits Desserts- Lemon Tart

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Lemon and chocolate! I really didn't need a lot of convincing to try these!

I was the weird kid who when asked what kind of Birthday cake I wanted my answer was always the same- lemon cake with chocolate frosting (if there had to be frosting at all) Sadly I was always told that I had to pick something else because no one but me liked lemon and chocolate together. I was pretty sure that much like with many other things my parents were wrong about me being the only person who liked lemon and chocolate together. And luckily through out the years I have been able to find enough examples to know beyond a doubt I am not alone.

That leads me to the Lindt Lemon Tart. It's a large bar comprised of generous sized squares of milk chocolate layered with lemon cream and pieces of crispy meringue.

The lemon is good. On the sweet side but smooth and still tangy. The bits of meringue are addictive! I loved the little bits of crunch they added.
The chocolate is the let down. First off it's a milk chocolate. I really prefer the bite of a bitter dark chocolate with lemon because the bold flavors compliment each other so well. The milk is just not strong enough to stand up to the lemon. It's not that it is bad chocolate (lindt is not my favorite but it is better then most) but the mellow milky taste is lost here.

If this were a dark chocolate lemon it would be outstanding. As it stands it's OK. I wouldn;t turn it down but I wouldn't go looking for it again.


wwworldclique said...

Wow, kind shocked by this review... I really loved this product, but then again I'm not a fan of dark chocolate so the milk chocolate was right up my alley.

Cool blog, BTW... ;-)

Gigi said...

Thank you!

I admit to actually buying another one simply for snacking because I LOVED those merengue bits. They really need to do another bar based on them!