Friday, October 12, 2007

Haagen-Daazs- Belgien Chocolate

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MMMMMM Chocolate...

So basic but so good. No there is no ingredient of the moment, it doesn't promise any health benefits (well beyond the normal chocolaty happiness) and it doesn't have a cool pop culture tie in. But it is outstanding!

The base ice cream is a deep cocoa Belgian chocolate. It's just a tad bitter and that sets the perfect stage for the part of this ice cream that steals the show.

Oh yes, the finer people at Haagen-Daazs worked over time to find yet another tasty way to destroy my thighs. Folded into that creamy cocoa there are bits of finely shaved Belgian chocolate. The crumbly texture that they add is addicting.

This is a limited edition flavor and according the Haagen-Daazs website it will only be available for the rest of this month so stock up now!

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