Monday, October 8, 2007

Hershey's Kisses Confetti Edition

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The cutest special edition of the year

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Before I read the label (which really would have helped) I had thought the kisses were white chocolate. Now I know that some of you out there love white chocolate- well send me your addresses and I will send you all of mine because I HATE the stuff. But be that as it may I was willing to try it in the interest of cool blogging. When I finally got around to reading the label (again helpful) I found that the kisses are actually made with no cocoa/cocoa related ingredients at all. The body is instead a vanilla creme. Buried like little crunchy treasure in the kisses are colorful dragees.

So how do they taste?
One word: Sweet. Really sweet, I am talking call the dentist sweet. There is a vague hint of vanilla mixed in there. It does have a nice even melt going for it but what makes the whole thing worth eating would be the dragees. Between the bumpy, grainy kick they add to the texture. And the crunch that you aren't used to finding in a kiss I found myself wishing they would add the dragees to other kisses in the future.

Worth getting for the dragees alone!


Callie said...

Do you really have them? Because if you do, I would be more than glad to take them! I love them and cant find them anywhere!

Gigi said...

Callie, if I still had any I would be happy to send them your way. Sadly though they are long gone by this point.

I am still wishing they would add the dragee's to more Kisses. Have you had the Candy Cane kisses that are currently out? they are pretty close, but of course they are peppermint flavored.