Monday, October 29, 2007

Godiva Chocolate Pearls- 3 Flavor Round Up

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I am surprised I stopped drooling long enough to write this

So I was at the check out at Barnes & Noble buying my copy of Stephen Colbert's "I Am America (And So Can You)" when I saw the Godiva display on the counter.

What actually caught my eye were the cute little tins the candy is packaged in. Probably sounds weird but I have about a zillion different craft projects going at any given time and I can always use little boxes to store things- and hey if I get chocolate along the way well that's just gravy. I could have bought just one but in the name of journalistic integrity I brought all three flavors- who am I to keep you out of the loop on the other flavors right? (work with me here I bought a lot of chocolate this week)

First up:
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Milk Chocolate Pearls.
Creamy, rich. Starts to melt on your tongue immediately. Extremely milky finish.

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Dark Chocolate With Mint
The first thing that hits you is a strong herby mint. The dark chocolate takes a back seat but in a way that compliments it rather then overwhelms it. The last notes are an almost bitter cocoa. Think of an Andes Mint but with high quality chocolate.

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Dark Chocolate
My least favorite of the three. The chocolate that worked so well with the mint falls flat on it's own. The texture is almost gritty and flavor-wise it's one dimensional and weak. It tastes more like a bittersweet Toll House Morsel then some of Godiva's other candies. That being said I am willing to bet that these would be amazing baked into cookies.

Each glossy bead is about the size of your average pearl and they all start to melt on your tongue instantly forming your very own chocolate river down your throat.

Something I found interesting is that on the nutritional information they actually listed the serving size as being the entire tin. At 210 calories for a mere 1.5 ounces of (high quality) chocolate that might be more then most would want to eat in one sitting- but lets be honest chances are good that that is exactly what will happen. BUT they are so rich that I personally found myself satisfied with about 3 pearls to a serving. These would be great for a quick fix the chocoholics among us sometimes need.

I'm not saying I would ride topless through town to get them but I wouldn't rule it out.

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