Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Jones Soda- Monster Moijito

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It's that time of year again!

It's time for the holiday Jones Soda's to roll out. The first of this years crop that I have tried is Monster Mojito.

Didn't the mojito craze peak like 4 years ago? it seems like every time I turn around this year there is a new mojito flavored something. Don't get me wrong I love a well made mojito. It just seems like the flavored items never end up tasting anything like a real mojito.

And this soda is no exception.
Yes, just like a real mojito there is lime, and yes, there is also mint. Sadly there is no rum but that is besides the point.

Let me tell you EXACTLY what this soda tastes like. Imagine that in your mouth is a piece of spearmint gum that you have been chewing for a good half an hour. The bulk of the spearmint flavor has worn off but the gum still has the essence of mint to it.
Now imagine that you have started sucking on one of those lime lollipops that only seem to be found being given away for free at banks and doctors offices- oh and the gum is still in your mouth. That my friends is EXACTLY what Monster Mojito tastes like.

Not completely awful but not good by any means.
Props to Jones for switching to pure cane sugar but I will be saving my soda calories for they're cream soda or vanilla cola.

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