Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Hershey's 100 Calorie Pretzel Bars

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Chocolate and salt!

I like the 100 calorie snack packaging. It's makes snacking feel just a little naughty... of course if you eat 3 of the 100 calorie packages you have completely voided the purpose but we aren't going to talk about that now.

The Hershey pretzel bars are good. They are broken up in packages of two 3 inch pieces. The layer of chocolate is thin and covers the vaguely cracker shaped pretzel evenly. It's a good hit of salty, sweet and crunch. The Take 5 bar is still my preferred PMS snack but this is like an almost healthy version! (that makes it OK to eat 3 of them right?)


swienick1987 said...

So glad you reviewed these. I've been eyeing them in the store. Though when my PMS cravings come on, they come on strong and I'm not so sure a little 100 calorie Pretzel Bar is going to quell that menstrual monster inside my stomach.

Gigi said...

Your welcome!
The Take 5 bar I think is still better- but for those days when the PMS monster is cute and Disney sized (rather then big, mean and just waiting for your feet to hit the floor so it can drag you under the bed) this would work.