Thursday, September 6, 2007

Orbit Crystal Mint Gum

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Did you ever say to yourself "Self, I really wish there was a gum that smells and tasted just like Ben-Gay!"?

Yeah, I hadn't either. But someone, somewhere did and the world was given the "gift" of Orbit Crystal Mint gum. The second you open the protective plastic wrapper the first thing that hits you is the unmistakable medicinal winter mint type aroma of Ben-Gay.
You would have thought that the smell would be enough to keep me from chewing a piece anyway- but noooo. Sometimes I question just why I do things and this was a classic example. I have never had the desire to suck on a tube of Ben-Gay like there was no tomorrow (which I am guessing would be the case if one were to eat the contents of the Ben-gay tube)but after chewing this gum I can safely say I will continue to repress that urge for years to come.

Does anyone actually like this flavor?, was there that big a demand out there for something that tastes and smells like OTC arthritis relief? This will go down as the single vilest piece of gum EVER! Oh and it has got to be the single longest lasting flavor this side of Stride. NOTHING killed that taste. It took well over an hour to get the last trace out of my mouth.

So, you may have guessed I did not like it...


Christine said...

I agree! If you think Orbit Crystal Mint tastes like Ben Gay, you oughta try the gum flavor called Solstice!

Gigi said...

Prepare to either laugh or wonder if I have lost my damn mind... I actually LOVE Solstice.

I think it's because while there is a certain Ben Gay quality to it, it also has a sweetness that this flavor didn't have.