Thursday, November 12, 2009

Morinaga Hi-Chew Green Apple

I've seen the many different flavors of Hi-Chew at various Asian markets, on J-List, and I've even found the more pedestrian flavors at my local AM/PM for a long time.

Even though some of the flavors sounded really good, what kept me from reviewing them was my fear that they would be like a Japanese version of Starburst. Now, to be fair to Starburst, I do like their flavor well enough -- it's the texture I just can't handle. (For no reason other than it just hits my ick button.) Again, this is not an issue with the candy; it's a Gigi problem, and I readily admit it. That's why you'll notice that there are no Starburst reviews on the site.

What changed my mind was reading Cybele's latest reviews on Candy Blog of the Hi-Chew World Fruit editions. According to Cybele the texture, while Starburst-like, is also kind of like chewing gum. And that I could handle. So I picked up a couple packs of Hi-Chew at AM/PM...

The flavor is bright and sweet. It starts out tart, but the longer you chew or suck on the candy the more it starts to taste like apple juice. It's not a very complex flavor. It's your average artificial green apple flavoring, but it's a good green apple flavoring.

Each piece is like a really thick log of smaller-sized chewing gum. Each piece has a lighter outside and a darker colored core. I also found it reassuring that the smell of green apple didn't jump out of the package and smack you as soon as you opened the wrapper. (One of the downsides to green apple flavored candy is that sometimes its pimp hand can be rather strong.)

The texture was interesting. It reminds me of chewing gum, but with less elasticity. No, you can't blow bubbles with it -- or even come close -- but at the same time it's not as sticky or as solid as a piece of taffy or even a Starburst. I think I am officially on the Hi-Chew bandwagon.

Not the most complex or exotic flavor out there, but good in its simplicity (and as a place to start).

I purchased mine from AM/PM...but my friends at J-List also carry a great selection of oodles of flavors out there, so be sure to check them out!

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