Monday, November 9, 2009

Winner of the Campbell's V8 Soup Give Away!

Woohoo! Will soupy happiness never cease???!?

I know that all of you who entered have been waiting with bated breath to find out if today is your lucky day...and that those of you who didn't will probably shed a tear or two wondering how you let such an opportunity pass. For shame!

And a few of you are probably wondering what the hell I am talking about. For those curious, the fine people at Campbell's wanted to share the veggies and the love. And they have graciously offered my readers the chance to win not only some of their very own V8 soups, but also a spiffy pedometer and a health journal (just click here to read all about it).

So how does one make such a momentous choice as to who wins the cool Campbell's stuff? Let me tell you, I spent untold amounts of time and energy pondering this one. (Really, I did.) Then I decided that in the spirit of bad reality TV, I would have to designate this august task to a special guest judge.

So without further ado, our esteemed and discerning judge is...

...George the cat.

As you can see by the intense look on his face, George is both serious and deeply thoughtful. That is why he posed for the above portrait atop our genuine early-1930's art deco enamel topped kitchen table...the backdrop we use for most of the food photos, and remarkably similar to the kitchen table seen in one of my favorite movies, "A Christmas Story." He was insightful enough to recognize that the simple yet elegant black-and-white color scheme of the table -- and the black and white WalMart salt and pepper shakers -- perfectly matched his own color scheme, thus lending him an air of Olympian dignity rarely seen anywhere this side of...oh, I dunno, Star Trek, maybe. (I don't know what the banana and chopsticks symbolize. Maybe George will deign to tell me someday.) Anyway, the point is that George is wise. And intellectual. And COOL, dammit.

George's backup, in the unlikely event that he might have wished any advice, was his favorite companion and chew toy...

...Doofy Dog!

I can assure you they undertook the assignment with all the dignity and reverence it merited. (In the name of full disclosure, I feel the need to admit that I am in fact George's human -- and Doofy Dog is what is referred to as his 'bottom bitch' -- but this decision was solely up to him. It would have been most presumptuous of me to interfere.)

True to his Spocklike logic and intellect, George chose the winner in an impeccably scientific manner. We humans, as per George's careful instructions, printed out the names of all those who entered onto small pieces of paper:

Then George assumed a dignified sitting position in the middle of the living room, and at his command, we lowly two-legged ones allowed the the slips of paper to waft down like stardust from the gods upon his noble head...

After staring around at the newly-fallen paper slips with what a layman might assume was confusion -- but was actually intense deliberation, I can assure you -- George slapped his paw down upon one of them, thus indicating that he had chosen the winner. (Doofy Dog just sat there in the background looking...well, doofy, to be honest)

And without further ado, the winner George has chosen is...


Congratulations, Squish! You will soon have the belly warming, veggie-filled goodness that is Campbell's V8 soup in your eagerly awaiting tummy, a truly cool and neato pedometer on your hip, and you can write all about it the old-school way, on actual PAPER!


Squish, please submit a comment along with your email address (it will remain unpublished), and I will be in touch with you for your mailing info.

George is confident that you are all pleased with his choice, and says if you would like to send him fan mail he will try very hard to take time out from his busy day of chasing his own tail, sleeping and hitting the catnip to get back to you. If he can be bothered, that is. Remember, as nice as y'all are -- you are still mere humans, after all.

Now, show Squish some love.



Moonfairy said...

That was the most amazing decision making process I have ever had the priveledge of bearing witness to! Thank you for that!

Travis said...

Channeling my inner Kirk/Shatner...GEORRRRRRRRGE!