Tuesday, August 21, 2007

All Things Orbits

Rather then do a bunch of short posts on Orbits gum I decided to get lazy and do just one long post instead.

First up will be my favorite:
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Wrigley's Orbit Sweet Mint
Sweet Mint has got to be the single best mint gum on the market today. To describe the flavor I would tell you to imagine chewing a perfectly soft Candy Cane. There's not too much vanilla and the mint is balanced to where it's refreshing but not medicinal. I heard a rumor today that the flavor has been discontinued but I have an information request in at Wrigley's so hopefully they will tell me it is still in production.

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Spearmint is up next.
I am indifferent on this one. It's not the worst Spearmint ever but after how impressed I was with the Sweet Mint it was a bit of a let down. I would chew it but I wouldn't go out of my way to get it.

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I didn't mean to buy the Bubble Mint, I thought I had picked up the Raspberry flavor. Alas I did not. If you like classic bubble gum flavor you will probably love this. I, however do not. To sum it up it tastes like someone mint bubble gum flavored Pepto-Bismol HMMMMMM GOOD!

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Last and certainly least is Mint Mojito.
WTF? I like Mojitios I like them a lot- hell I make a killer Mojito. This tastes about as much like a Mojito as "Krab" tastes like real Crab. If the overwhelming citric acid "lime" didn't kill your taste buds the listerinesque mint will. It's the aftertaste from Hell. About the only thing this gum is good for is giving to people you hate (um, not that I carry gum for that specific purpose or anything...)


ann said...

Gigi... i am noticing that i seem to like alot of stuff you hate. LOL

this has me rolling with laughter.
i LOVE the mint mojito.
i dont know why i do.... it just appeals to me.

it starts out a little weird but then mellows out on my tastebuds to a likeable flavor.

i dont think it tastes like a mojito but.... whatever it is.. for some reaon i like it.

its sure not like anything else on the gum market. who knows... maybe thats it.

Gigi said...

Ann: I am practically hanging my head in shame- this is one of my REALLY early reviews and it's embarrassing how unpolished it is.

But on to the actual gum... I wanted to like the Mojito flavor because back when I could drink, a well made Mojito was in my top fave drinks. I just could not get into this one.