Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Reeses Limited Edition Elvis PB & Banana Cup

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Peanut butter, banana's AND chocolate?!- do I really have to say much more?

These are the first of the recent cups I have liked. The ratio of peanut butter to chocolate is almost the same as in the classic cups- the only notable difference is a slightly thinner coat of chocolate on the bottom. There is a smidge less peanut butter to make room for the banana creme. There is no way in hell you would ever confuse the banana creme flavoring for real banana. The best way I could describe the flavor is say that it is like a less sweet Circus Peanut. It was a good decision on Reese's part to not over power the cup with the edition of too much banana.

If you are a fan of PB & banana sandwiches (I am!) or of artificial banana flavor you are going to love these. I have seen that they even offer this flavor in the "Big Cup" portion although I have not found one yet.

If Elvis himself were still with us I bet he would be eating these fried with bacon. In his honor I am off to eat the second cup!

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