Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Oreo Cakesters

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I have to hand it to Nabisco...

No matter how many products they slap the name Oreo on no matter how good or bad they are I will buy them at least once.

And with only two exceptions (both ice cream products) every time I find myself wondering why I bothered.

Why is it that with the exception of the classic sized cookies and the ice cream everything they stick the Oreo name on manages to taste nothing like an actual Oreo?

The Cakesters are no exception. They are sized slighter larger then your average cookie and are comprised of two soft cake layers with either a vanilla or chocolate cream in the center.

The cake.
Texture wise it is quite good. Moist and flaky. It's the taste that kills. A combination of cheap chocolate and oil. If they had managed to recreate the taste of the Oreo Ice Cream Sandwich wafers these snacks would have been fantastic. But since they didn't...

The cream:
The vanilla cream was like a slightly thicker version of the normal cream. Gritty, too sweet. The chocolate version however is good!. I am not going to say I went as far as licking the cream and discarding the cake on one... but it might have happened.

I can see kids loving these but I will be sticking to regular old Oreo's.

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