Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Frey Cinnamon Coriander Bar

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Coriander and chocolate? well why not?

I am sure I have had Frey Chocolate before. I can't remember any in particular but before I started writing about all the candy and assorted goodies I ate well, I had sampled a lot. And how could I have possibly have passed up chocolate that is claimed to be made with love from Switzerland's #1 chocolate maker? I just don't think I could have missed it.

Yes, the Target I picked this bar up at had some regular old Frey bars but what caught my eye was they're holiday offerings. I tried the Cinnamon Coriander bar first.

I have never thought to put coriander and chocolate together. A quick googling of the combo showed me that it is not as rare as I might have thought.

When I opened the large 3.5 oz bar the first thing that hits you is the intense spice smell. The cinnamon is there but what it really reminded me of was Stove Top Stuffing.

Happily it doesn't taste anything like stuffing! (not that I don't like it)
The chocolate it's self is excellent. Rich, milky and smooth. Not too sweet or oily in the least. I would buy the plain milk chocolate bar for those times when I want something mellow and comforting.
The cinnamon is spicy and warm. The coriander really works with the cinnamon and chocolate. I know this will sound weird but as a whole it reminds me of egg nog in a way.

If you are in Target and looking to try something new I would highly recommend this bar (of course if you just want to send me something for Christmas...)

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