Monday, November 5, 2007

Hershey Kisses Hot Cocoa Creme- Limited Edition

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Hot Chocolate. Just the thoughts of it bring to mind the mental image of frosty cold days spent by a fire

FYI these are back for the 2008 Holiday season!

In my younger days that warm cup with big ass marshmallows melting in it would have been Swiss Miss instant cocoa made in the microwave with milk instead of water. Cursing the fact that I lived in Phoenix and it was 75 degree's in mid-December and the closest I was getting to snow would be scraping the walls of the mini-fridges mini-freezer (whose only real purpose seemed to be growing ice anyway)

Cut to many years later. Today's hot chocolate is almost certainly a Venti Brevy Hot Chocolate from Starbucks. And while it can get cold enough in my neck of the Atlanta 'burbs to ice over and cause frost- if not just the slightest bit of I-Can't_Believe-It's-Not-Snow I am not exactly living out the Cocoa sipping vision that the tart little Swiss Miss would like you to believe in.

No, I need a more modern form of Hot Cocoa to get through the balmy winter. Having tried and been disappointed by frozen hot chocolate (it looked a lot better being sipped by John Cusack in "Serendipity") and since warming up my plain old chocolate milk is just kinda gross I was relived when the good people at Hershey came out with this latest Kiss edition.

I was thinking I was really going to like this kiss. I also thought John Cusack was going to age better. Clearly my judgement has been off lately.

These kisses look exactly like all of they're cousins. The first hint that something is amiss comes with the texture. Remember this is a creme kiss and it has a gritty feel to it. The melt however is satisfyingly fudge like.

The flavor:
I went through about 5 kisses before I realized that what the flavor most reminds me of is to tell you to imagine a kiss size blob of cheap store brand chocolate cake frosting then cover that with salty low quality chocolate.

To be honest I hated these at first- but somewhere around Kiss 7 (I am dedicated folks) I decided that I liked them in that same weird way I like frosting straight from the can. It's kinda gross, it's too sweet and there is nothing but empty calories- but in it's own way it is so bad it's good.

I don't get hot chocolate from it at all but it's not bad of it's own merit.

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Anonymous said...

i think they are delicious! i just tried some. the outer chocolate was creamy and the inner chocolate was soft and yummy. you're right about not tasting like hot chocolate. but it was still good. maybe the ones you were given were a bit old. i have some regular kisses that had that weird outer texture that you described.

Gigi said...

You could very well be right. They just could have been an off batch. It may have even been due to the weather, I am trying to remember what our weather was like when I wrote this review and I believe we were still on the warm and humid side. Maybe they had just been left out too long.

I never fell in love with them but I did end up finishing the bag- so there was something I liked about them.
Sadly I have not seen them since I bought this bag so a proper follow up review may have to wait until next fall/winter.