Sunday, November 4, 2007

Nissan Top Ramen- Oriental flavor

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Everyone loves Ramen
I mean really how many other meals can you buy for about a dime? Like just about everyone else I had of course eaten more then my fair share in my poorer days. I actually found myself craving it today- I am sick and that is my official excuse.

Out of all the flavors they make the only one I have ever really liked is the oh-so-politically correctly named "Oriental" I ate two damn bricks and put in more time then a sane person ever should trying to figure out exactly what "Oriental" is supposed to taste like.
The packaging it's self proved completely useless. The photo is just a steaming pile of noodles. The ingredient list shows that if nothing else ramen is full of mystery chemicals with names like bad sci/fi characters. If I had to guess I would say it is most like soy and garlic.

Yeah, it's completely unnatural. It's not hip in the least and there is nothing that stretches the foodie boundaries but sometimes cheap, salty, ramen hits the spot.

And , if you wanna know I am one of those people that let the noodles seep and discard the soup.

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