Monday, November 5, 2007

IceBreakers Energy Mints

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Mints with caffeine?- Sign me up!

I don't remember what caught my eye first, the cute tin or the fact that it was a caffeinated mint. Either way it left me in blue stained tongue happiness.

The mint is about the size of Certs. Actually we are going to keep talking about Certs because the best way to describe the taste would be to tell you that if a tube of Certs and a bottle of Scope had a love child it would be the Energy mint. The mint is way more more on the mouth wash side then crisp peppermint but it is oddly addicting.

While there is caffeine in the mint according to the package it takes 3 mints to get the same amount you would from a half a cup of coffee. As a hard-core caffeine fan (I drink Starbucks quad-lattes, I am pretty bad ass) that isn't enough to get my heart rate up but for those of you who like to actually sleep at night it could be the boost you need... The downside is thanks to the blue speckles (that kids is called freshness) in the mints if you do have more then one of them you WILL end up with a blue tongue.

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