Saturday, January 30, 2010

Slim-Fast Peanut Butter Crunch Time Snack Bar

I would like to tell you that, like yesterday's review of the Milky Way Simply Caramel bar, this was an envy review on my part based upon all the Slim-Fast reviews that Jim has been doing lately. But no, I am really doing it because I got it for free at my local supermarket.

I have actually used the Slim-Fast line from time to time. I can't say that I've ever lost weight this way, but there was a time when for medical reasons I was stuck with liquids only, and I used the Slim-Fast shakes as meal replacement.

I have had some of their snack line before as well. I didn't love it, but for the most part it's not awful. This bar is part of their new "3-2-1 plan." Honestly, I could have done more research on it...but, I won't be going on it personally, and you all know how to Google.

Peanut Butter Crunch Time is a slim small mockolate-covered bar that has a tightly compressed peanut butter wafer-type center. The whole thing comes in at only 100 calories.

But how does it taste?

Surprisingly, not bad!

The mockolate is just that: mockolate. Yeah, it's sort of chocolate-like. It's a very thin layer, and I think that works to the bar's advantage. There isn't enough of it to really dislike much. I will also give it points for not being oily or throat-burningly sweet.

The peanut butter wafer center's taste and texture were damn near identical to a the center of one of those candy bars Bart Simpson chomps down while reading the latest Radioactive Man. But it's neither as sweet nor as thick. It's nutty and there's sort of a toffeelike butter flavor. It's also a little salty, and I always like salt with my peanut butter.

I was honestly surprised at how good these were. Yes, for the same hundred calories you could have a "Fun Size" version of "the real thing." But I have to say that if you must eat mockolate (Really? Must you?), I preferred Slim-Fast's version. The center was close enough that, apart from the lesser thickness, you may not notice much difference between this bar and a full fat candy bar.


Albertsons Supermarket

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