Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Jammie Dodgers

Yes, I know it seems like we just finished Brit Week. But I've got a ton of products to work through still (I could have easily done Brit Month), and I could not resist doing this pack of biscuits (aka cookies) called Jammie Dodgers.

Part of it is my inner 13-year-old boy coming out again. I can't help but admit that the name "Jammie Dodgers" almost sounds like some sort of soft porn masterpiece that said boy might try to sneak a peek (peep?) at on late-night Skinemax while the parental units aren't paying attention. The tiny, more mature side of me just likes the thought of shortbread biscuits spread with jam.

Jammie Dodgers are -- you guessed it -- shortbread treats that have a raspberry-flavored plum jam sandwiched in between two biscuits. I'd think as a rule that these biscuits are probably quite cute. Unfortunately, my packet had seen some better days, as you can see from the pictures. But remember that the biscuits did have to get from the U.K. to Atlanta, and then from Atlanta to me here in California. All things considered, they could have been far worse for the wear.

The shortbread was pretty light in color. It was surprisingly flaky and airy. The texture was great. Sadly, though, it has almost no flavor at all. It's neither buttery nor salty. It's sort of like the universe's blandest pie crust.

The raspberry-flavored plum jelly was really good. I still don't get the point of using raspberry flavored jam, rather than just using actual raspberry jam. (Jim's suggestion was that perhaps it is used because Brits tend to prefer a seedless texture.) In any event, it is sweet and tastes exactly like German Raspberries. What a shame that it was sandwiched between those two disks of utterly flavorless shortbread.

I realize that I'm trashing a beloved U.K. snack here...and for that I do apologize to my friends across the pond. If the shortbread had only been something closer to, let's say, Walkers -- these would have been outstanding. As is, they're far too insipid to be worth the calories for me.


Gift from my mother

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