Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Milka Marzipan-Crème Bar

Woohoo! The first marzipan review of 2010! If you have read my marizpan reviews before, then you know I am a hardcore fan. Just before the holidays, I was browsing at my local German deli/mart and I found this bar.

The Milka Marzipan-Crème bar is a semi-sweet chocolate bar with a marzipan filling. Smelling the bar, you get a faint whiff of cherry -- but mostly it is just the chocolate that comes off.

Biting into the bar, the flavor is all cherry and almond. The chocolate was a little waxy, but it did taste good. It's more on the milk side rather than the dark side. It didn't seem as sweet or as smooth as the normal Milka chocolate. The flavor of the chocolate really fell to the wayside of the marzipan.

And the marzipan was kinda weird. In terms of flavor, it was quite good -- nutty, sweet. It was the texture that got me. It was dry and flaky, and not in a good way. (The bar I got was on the older side and slightly bloomed, which might explain some things.) If it had been a little moister, it still wouldn't have been the best marzipan bar ever -- but I would have enjoyed it much more.

It's not that this bar was bad, it was just disappointing. I would like to try another bar and see if the issues I had with this one were simply due to freshness.


The German Deli (Upland, California)


Cybele said...

Is this your new camera? Your photos look awesome for this bar!

Gigi said...

Cybele: That is a HUGE compliment coming from you. I consider you the Queen of candy photography!

I actually can't take credit for the pictures though- Chris (the sig other) is the one who actually does the shooting. He got a new Fuji S1500 for Christmas. It's not the biggest baddest camera out there- but the macro it can take is pretty amazing. And it keeps him quiet so I can live with that!

Jim said...

I was thinking exactly the same thing the photos look awesome!

Gigi said...

Chris says thanks!

He is having a lot of fun with his new toy.

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

we always buy Milka white choco =)

brontozaurel said...

I never actually got to try this bar, for some strange reason we don't have it around here. But this November I've tried a box of Milka Weihnachts-Teller and the marzipan chocolates were my favourites. I like the taste of the chocolate covering the marzipan balls better than the taste of normal Milka chocolate. There are a few components of the taste of their regular milk chocolate that just don't work for me. That's probably why I also thought their dark chocolate Santa to be the best out of their Santas (and I've tried them all, except for the white Santa, because I didn't think I would like that one).

♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

i like their White choco!