Monday, August 3, 2009

WalMart Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie

When I think of pie, WalMart is not exactly the first name that comes to mind.
Actually, on serious thought, it's not even in the top twenty names that come to mind. But my dad started buying these little blueberry pies and was raving about them. They remind him of little individual pies that were sold when he was a kid. (It was probably nostalgic for him, because they'd just invented fire and the world was going all crazy with convenience foods.)


Each four ounce pie comes in its own cute little tin.

The crust appears on the lighter side in terms of color (it appears deeper in color in the picture than it did in real life). The edges have a bit of golden brown, but if this had come out of my oven I would have put it back in. If I was less lazy, I suppose I could have warmed it in my oven. (Microwaving is out, since the pie is in an actual metal pan and my microwave is the old cheesy kind that would spark.) Besides, I also think it's important to try the product "as is" first, because that is how most people will actually eat it. Only after that can I get as crazy as I want.

The top layer of crust is thin, and is flaky in the most minimal sense of the word. It's not so much the whole crust that's flaky, just the absolute top layer-- it's kinda like crust dandruff. It's bland, not buttery. Not even sweet like a Hostess pie. It's not that it's bad. It's that it's only about as good as you would expect WalMart pie crust to be.

As for the filling: it's a deep and vivid shade of Royal Purple- kinda like if Barney was liquefied in a freak accident. (Accident? Heh!) It's very, very sweet. Think of a pretty standard blueberry jam with about 100 extra tablespoons of sugar. There are little dry shriveled bits that at some point in their lifetime may have been blueberries. But now they're like some sort of raisin of the damned.

As bad as that all sounds, in the end they are no worse (but sadly, no better) than your average supermarket pie. Do I get why my Father likes them so much?-- no, but he's old and maybe some of those taste buds have died off.

Can I still be grounded at my age? That comment may have earned it.



skeetersgirl said...

Okay, I am a bit on the slow side, but I don't understand these kinds of "reviews" if that is what they are. You make a one line comment, but not whether it is good or bad. why not do a full review..from looking at the pic here and reading your one line comment, I cannot tell if you like the pie or not. What is the deal with these?

Gigi said...

Skeetersgirl: Your not actually missing anything or slow so don't worry about that!- this is unfortunately one of the downsides in Blogger's template platform. The vast majority of the older reviews were done with the bulk of the post behind a cut. On most sites you would see something that says to "read more click here", and then by clicking the full post would open. Blogger for reasons that make no sense to even me didn't easily make that possible (if it is possible I can honestly say, I spent hours trying to figure it out and never had any luck) and instead to see the entire review you actually have to click on the reviews title- in this case "Walmart Old Fashioned Blueberry Pie" and then the entire review will appear.

While having the reviews with the cuts in them might have allowed for more reviews to appear on the front page- and allowed the page to load faster since I tend to use several pictures. I think it caused a lot of confusion and eventually we just started doing away with the cut entirely. We have been trying to go back and remove the cuts from all of the older posts but since there are hundreds it has been slow going.

I removed the cut from this post especially for you, and should you ever come across a review where everything but the intro is hidden remember to just click the review title and it will open for you- or if it's really stubborn comment or email me and I will make a point of fixing that one for you.

I hope that helps- eventually, all the older reviews will look like the current format, it's just taking me some time to get there.

trucho said...

tha bakery is located in wocester mass the name is
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• Apple
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• Pumpkin
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• Pecan
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Gigi said...

Trucho: Thank you for all of the info!

It's actually very interesting, because all I had remembered about the brand my Father had liked as a kid was that he remembered they were called "table something" so I bet they are in fact the same pies!