Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road Ice Cream-Limited Edition NSFW

I don't normally get performance anxiety when writing my reviews...

But in this case, Marvo beat me to reviewing this new Ben & Jerry's flavor and he went all out! The man wrote parody lyrics for crying out loud! PARODY LYRICS! (Yes, all caps, boldface, and italics! Can you tell I'm screaming?) How am I supposed to compete with that? Short of pulling a Penn & Teller and using topless women gratuitously, I am not sure I can.

There...did that help?

Elton himself may not have approved of that...oh what the hell, let's make everyone happy...

So, anyway...Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road is one of Ben & Jerry's limited edition celebrity inspired flavors (like Phish Food or Stephen Colbert's Americone Dream). It's a chocolate ice cream base with peanut butter cookie dough, brickle candy bits and white chocolate chunks. According to the legend on the container, the flavor was created using ingredients that Sir Elton is a fan of. For some reason, I think that if Elton did eat this ice cream it would be while wearing a hot pink feather boa, sparkly glasses and being bitchy to his husband...no, wait, that describes how I ate it. Never mind.

The base chocolate ice cream is the same chocolate used in all of the other Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream based flavors. It has a rich, deep cocoa quality to it. Not too sweet, but not bitter--just well balanced. It was the perfect binder because it didn't overpower any of the chunks, and at the same time it held its own.

The peanut butter cookie dough was my favorite part of the ice cream. It's slightly salty. There's a nice nutty roasty taste, and it adds a mild graininess to the otherwise creamy texture of the ice cream; which was a good contrast. I may have gone out of my way looking for the cookie dough chunks.

The brickle is buttery and crunchy--but thankfully does not stick to the teeth. It would have been better if the pieces were bigger or if there were more of them.

The white chocolate...why, why did it have to be white chocolate?! If they had to use white chocolate, couldn't they have brought back the white chocolate covered pop rocks from Kaberry Kaboom? I think Elton would have approved of exploding mouth candy. As it is the chocolate used is too sweet, somewhat oily, and is just disappointing in an otherwise great flavor.

It's too bad this is a limited edition flavor, because I would love to see it still standing on the shelf in a few months.

And what the hell, here's one more for the Yellow Brickle Road!

Albertsons Supermarket


Jim said...

Fantastic review Gi - I have salivated all over my keyboard at work. I even forwarded your review on to the guys who work on B&J's to see what they think :) Had to include a NSFW (not safe for work) tag though ... boobs aplenty ... I LIKE :D


Gigi said...

Thank you! If this review has taught me nothing else it is that readers of this blog apparently really like boobs...

I have to know did the B&JU guys ever respond?

Lose That Girl said...

Wow! How did they get Elton's mug on the packaging?

Gigi said...

Lose That Girl:
I probably should have mentioned this in the review (distracted by all the boobs) but this flavor is one of Ben & Jerry's partnered flavors.

In this case Ben & Jerry partnered with Elton John and a portion from every sale goes towards Elton's Aids foundation.

So you can eat ice cream AND give to charity! (as if I needed the excuse)