Thursday, August 13, 2009

Dreyers/Edy's Fun Flavors Cherry Chocolate Chip

This is another of the Dreyers/Edy's "Fun Flavors" that are classified as a "frozen dairy dessert" rather than as ice cream.

The base of the dessert is a very prissy frou-frou pink. The kind of pink that would thrill my mother if only I would wear it (and I would have to have my mental health checked if I did so on purpose). There's not a lot of taste to it -- it's very slightly cherry, but I think that's more because of the plentiful maraschino cherry pieces than because there is actually a base cherry flavor.

In fact, the Maraschino cherries' biggest downfall in this case may be that there are just too damn many of them. The flavor starts to become medicinal; it's like ice cream flavored with Luden's cough drops. (Actually, not entirely a fair comparison, because Luden's are a pretty spiffy-tasting cough drop.) Like clothes on Hugh Jackman, less really could have been more in this case.

Something I found interesting is that in the title of the product the chips are referred to as "chocolate chips"...but on the actual ingredients list (check out the Dreyer's site here) they are referred to as "chocolaty chips." Cocoa is used in them, but they still appear to be mockolate. That said, for mockolate, they are not bad. There's almost a dark chocolate taste to them. The chips have a nice crunchy snap, there's not really a melt. But, since chips this cold really wouldn't melt much anyway, it's not a distraction.

Although the overall the flavor is OK and the mockolate passable, what does this one in is the texture. I am not sure how to even describe it, except to tell you that it is in some bizarre middle ground where it's not rough enough to be called "gritty," but it's actually almost powdery. How the hell does ice cre -- sorry, "frozen dairy dessert" -- manage to be powdery?! Was it made by Lindsay Lohan? Doesn't powdery ice cre -- ugh,"'frozen dairy dessert" -- violate some obscure law of physics? Someone get Michio Kaku on the phone!

Just like with the Root Beer Float flavor, I can easily see this being a big hit with kids. Let's be honest: kids wouldn't notice the flavor issues, nor even that the chips aren't really chocolate. And I doubt they'd care that the texture was weird, because all they would be thinking is "ICE CREAM!" (even if it's not).

As for me, I won't go back for a second container.

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