Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eclipse Breeze: Exotic Berry Gum

So here we are on day three of our week's journey into the land of gum. We've had fruity, we've had minty. Now let's have something exotic...

What is it about the word "exotic?" It makes you think of far-away places filled with luscious fruits and palm trees, or luscious strippers with fruity names who dance beneath palm trees...

Eclipse Breeze Exotic Berry is exotic, not because it contains lady sweat from women named Cherry Candy or Lusty Melons, but because it contains cardamom. Cardamom, so says the package blurb, is a natural ingredient used to neutralize really strong odors like onions or garlic. And on a side note, it also makes Indian and Persian food pretty darn good.

I officially think it's a bad thing that this gum tastes neither like Indian or Persian food, nor even like lady sweat, because what it does taste like is far less appealing. You know that old fashioned ribbon-style Christmas candy that only ancient women seem to buy, but no one actually wants to eat because it tastes so nasty? Well, even that is still better. But it tastes a bit like the "spice" versions of ribbon candy.

The cardamom completely obliterates and overpowers the berry -- and everything else you plan on eating for the next hour. The berry component is very weak, and if I had to guess I think it's supposed to be raspberry. But it's not strong enough that you can be sure.

I can see how cardamom can be a good flavor for gum. But in this case it's just way too strong, and the berry combination is absolutely vile.

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Purple Velvet said...

try the mint one! rlly good. the berry doesn't mesh well with cardamom. but the mint does.

Gigi said...

Purple Violet:
I agree! - http://gigi-reviews.blogspot.com/2009/10/eclipse-breeze-exotic-mint.html

ann said...

I dont taste much berry in this BUT ! I LOOOOVE cardmom and Gigi when i read that you didnt like it because of too MUCH cardmom i RAN out to find it !

the mint is good too but i like the berry MUCH better for the abundance of the cardmom.

thanks for your review on this gum. i would have never thought to try it if i had not read your comments about it.

Gigi said...

Ann- I generally like cardamon too.
There was just something about it in this gum that did not work for me. I did eventually finish the pack hoping it would grow on me but it didn't happen.

Oddly enough I loved the mint version and still buy it from time to time.

And thank you! I love doing gum reviews (actually if I had to name my two favorite things to review it's gum and ice cream)

ann said...

Gigi... i am chewing a piece of this now. i gotta tell ya... i think this is one of my TOP favorites. LOL
isnt it funny how one mans ceiling is another mans floor.... how everyone likes different things.

its all about the cardamom. if you dont like it much you wouldnt like this gum.

i also like cardmom tea too.
i'll be crushed if they ever discontinue this gum.
but.... as you know....unless its super popular.... nothing lasts too long in the gum world.

hope its around for a while.

Gigi said...

Ann: Sadly your are right. The gum world seems especially fickle when it comes to flavor turn over.

If they ever stop making 5 Solstice I may as roll just stop chewing.

Since you like the spicy/herby flavors have you tried Think Gum? it's mint and rosemary, and is incredibly tasty.

Anonymous said...

I love love love this gum. I have a feeling I must love cardamom and I haven't had it before this gum in any type of food. Anyway I had to buy it online probably expired b.c I can't find it anywhere anymore! My mom also loves this but my friend hates it I think it's funny..you either LOVE it or abhor it completely