Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pom Wonderful: Pomegranate Kiwi Juice

It's nice to know that the good people at Pom like me enough to give me the inside track on the newest Pom flavors! Woohoo!

The first of the two flavors up is Pomegranate/Kiwi.

I love kiwi. But sadly, you next to never see things flavored or made with kiwi. I actually tried to make kiwi ice cream a few months ago...because doesn't that sound good? Yeah, that's just it. It sounded good, but in reality it was a really dumb thing to do. The kiwi actually curdled the cream and...well, the less said, the better. It was quite a traumatic experience.

Kiwi, of course, has a great taste that is best described as a strawberry/banana hybrid. And happily, that combo paired perfectly with the strong tartness of the pomegranate juice.

When you first sip the drink, what you notice the most is the sweetness. It's strong on the banana side...but at the same time, it's definitely not banana. It never gets so sweet that you think you're drinking something that was purposely made super-sweet -- like, say, Hawaiian Punch. (Actually, that's an unfair comparison, because Hawaiian Punch -- while delicious in its own right -- is not 100% juice, and is intended to be super sweet, but you get the idea.)

The pom flavor comes in at the end of the sip. Probably because of the sweetness of the kiwi, the pom doesn't seem as tart as it does on its own; nor as in some of the other flavors available (such as the Pom Blueberry or Pom Cherry). Normally, I would have been disappointed by that fact, because I happen to really like the strong flavor of pom -- but it just tastes so good along with the kiwi that I don't care.

Because this flavor is so mild, I think this would be a great flavor for first-time Pom drinkers or for kids.

Really, really good!

Sample From Company

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