Saturday, October 10, 2009

Trident Layers: Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus

Not long ago I reviewed the Trident Layers Green Apple & Golden Pineapple gum. And if you have read the review, you know I am not a fan -- although, based on the reader comments, I am clearly one of the few chewers who didn't like it (or one of the few Trident didn't pay to say that -- I kid, I kid).

But I did have the second Layers flavor in my stash -- Wild Strawberry & Tangy Citrus -- and some readers, including Sarah who left a comment, told me that it was pretty darn good. Admittedly, I procrastinated a bit before writing this review.

One reason it took me so long to do this review is that I disliked the last flavor so much, I was not eager to try another that was potentially as bad. Another reason is that I may be the only person in the world who didn't love strawberry gum as a little kid (or even as a bigger kid). I have always found it too sweet and fake...and not in the so-fake-it's-good sort of way.

Well, I shouldn't have waited so long!

As best I can tell, the two outer layers are where the Tangy Citrus lives. The citrus is the stronger of the two flavors. As the photo on the gum shows, the citrus flavor tastes like it is mostly orange. There might also be a little grapefruit lurking in there, or I might be trying too hard. But the orange is zesty and fresh.

As for the middle strawberry layer...well, I admit it, I really was dreading this part. But it was actually pretty good. It's not a natural strawberry by any stretch, but it is at least in the strawberry ballpark.

What I liked about the gum is how the two flavors balance each other out. The citrus keeps the strawberry from becoming too cloying and sweet. The strawberry keeps the citrus from being too bitter or medicinal. And the blend of flavors actually gets quite addictive the more you chew.

I may never like the Green Apple & Golden Pineapple Flavor, but I LOVE this one!

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