Monday, October 5, 2009

Snickers Fudge Bar (Limited Edition)

Yay! A new Snickers bar!

I ran into these little bad boys on a recent trip to Target. Thanks to Cybele, I knew that the bar was coming out. She reviewed them back in July (read it here). Cybele was able to get a full size bar, while I got my hands on the much smaller mini size.

The Snickers Fudge is a lot like a normal Snickers bar, except that the nougat layer seemed a little thinner than I remember in the normal bar. The largest layer is the fudge layer, in which the peanuts are embedded. And, unlike the regular Snickers bar, there is no caramel in this one.

The texture of the fudge is a little grainy. It's thick but not dense. There's a good cocoa flavor to it. The fudge itself it not too sweet, but it does make the bar sweeter then a normal Snickers would be. It reminded me more of a really thick chocolate frosting than actual fudge. But I liked it in either case.

The nuts are crunchy and salty. The nougat and the outer layer of chocolate are both the usual for Snickers bars.

On the whole the bar is pretty good. It's not too sweet and the fudge is a nice addition. My only complaint is that I miss the caramel. Granted, that would have made for a really rich bar, but I think the fudge would have really set it off.

I highly recommend picking up a bag for the trick-or-treaters...provided, of course, that they can find your pantry. Otherwise, keep them for yourself and give out some Sweetarts to the little buggers.


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